To ensure great ideas actually work, you need to link strategy, realisation and development. And that’s what we love doing, every single day!



It's about seeing opportunities.

We live in a rapidly-changing world. Traditional business models can no longer keep up. If you want your organisation to succeed, you need to be able to translate opportunities in the blink of an eye.

To do that, you need to be smart when it comes to strategy. We embrace the fundamental motives of your organization and people. We use and enrich their  knowledge. We challenge your instincts and entrepreneurship. Your people will feel involved in shaping the future. 

Strategy provides new perspectives. We discover new business models with you. We bundle them into strategy and translate that into realisation. That’s how we increase the strategic capacity of your organisation. Working with us is not a bunch of external consultants telling you what to do. We work together with you in a hands-on way to set your organisation in motion in a focused way.

Got ideas you want help with? Contact Monique de Leeuw or fill out the contact form. We’ll be in touch before you know it!

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We are the motor behind your ideas

Got a solid gold idea? Then the challenge is to bring that idea to life. You’ll need a strong engine.

We have been bringing ideas to life since our foundation in the early 90s. A solid methodology isn’t enough; you also need commitment and drive from key people. You,  your team and other stakeholders. 

In complex assignments often many people are involved. All with their own interests in play. We take an independent position, strive for added value for all the parties involved and keep a clear eye on the finish line.

It’s not easy, but we think it’s fun. And ‘we’ means that you never just get one member of the P2 team, you get us all. We draw on the knowledge and experience of our entire company.

Got ideas that you want help with? Contact Leon van HoofMarcel Goossens or fill out the contact form. We’ll be in touch before you know it!

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For people and organisations that grow

With the world changing all around you, you can’t afford to stand still. You have to continue to develop. Your people as well as the organisation. We love to help!

We have clear starting points:

  • Every question is unique and that’s why, we explore not only the question, but also the context so that we come up with a solution that works;
  • We develop in your day-to-day work so that you really notice the results in practice;
  • We embed new behaviour in the work environment so that it will last.

Examples? A wide range of skills and behaviours. Varying from project- and portfolio management to process management and a Mutual Gains Approach. But also challenges around collaboration, leadership and entrepreneurship. We prefer to jump right in and experiment. After all, the best way to learn is always just doing it. We support our development assignments online, offline and live; creating a challenging blend that stimulates further development.

The result? Your personal efficiency grows, along with that of your colleagues and organisation. It means that your organisation becomes a frontrunner in our ever-changing world. Together you can continue to shine. 

Got ideas about development of your organisation? We’d love to help. Contact Sanne van Deursen or Bart Bankers. Or fill out the contact form. We’ll be in touch before you know it!

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