How to organise ICT migration for seven transport companies?

How to organise ICT migration for seven transport companies?

Fritom Holding, a logistics company with seven subsidiaries, is switching to a new ICT provider. The entire migration process must be completed within eight months: a daunting task, considering that the transport sector relies on ICT nearly 24/7.

Migrating Fritom’s complete ICT from one data centre to another, that still sounds manageable. However, the additional and parallel task of upgrading their ICT environment to the latest technology makes it considerably more complex. How to organise the migration of existing servers and applications to a new environment, step by step, such that business can continue as usual, without interrupting services? This complex and demanding task has been taken on by Sonja Zuijdgeest and Mike de Scheemaker of P2.

Military operation

As soon as the plans are finalised, the step-by-step migration of all Fritom’s 68 servers to the new provider will be started. A new virtual desktop will be built to provide easy access to each of the 100 applications. In addition, most of the hardware in Fritom’s seven subsidiaries will be replaced because the present equipment is outdated and incompatible with the new digital environment. And finally, a new Office365 and Exchange environment will be set up for all users.

Like a military operation, the migration process is being implemented according to a detailed day-by-day schedule, in which P2 staff work closely together with the project leaders of the present and new ICT providers to coordinate the preparations, the system migrations, and the test phase. With clear communication in simple language, we are helping Fritom’s subsidiary companies to prepare their staff, to have their tasks ready on time, and to take the necessary downtimes into account.

All shoulders to the wheel

All parties involved are fully aware that this complex migration process can only succeed if we all put our shoulders to the wheel. We are working together as a close-knit team and help each other to solve problems. Fortunately, Fritom’s companies are all very cooperative and flexible in planning the downtime of their ICT systems. The technicians are working during night time hours to migrate the systems. The test phase will be demanding for the users: they have the important task of testing whether all applications are working properly.

In November this year, we will be ready to put out the flags: the migration will be completed, Fritom’s  companies will go live in the new ICT environment, and all systems can finally be disconnected from the present provider. Exactly according to plan, exactly on schedule – thanks to the concerted efforted of all parties involved!

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