About P2

A better future requires change. Words alone won’t do. Real change requires people who combine knowledge and sensitivity with decisiveness. Committed people, accountable to your goals. Welcome to P2.

Getting things done since 1992

P2 was founded on the ambition to bring about real change. Too often, we saw that great ideas were disconnected from implementation. Projects getting stuck in good intentions. Up until this day, P2 takes responsibility for advice and implementation by combining process and project management.

Change. More than ever. 

We live in a time when traditional systems and thought patterns quickly lose value. From transport to food production, most of what we've taken for granted for decades is under pressure. We know that a more sustainable world is urgently needed. At P2, 75 experts have the knowledge, the experience and the tools to make it happen.

From insight to impact

Before making a move, make sure you understand what's going on: content, techniques and risks. You have to know your stakeholders throughout the entire value chain. You have to talk the language and be able to translate it to those who don't. At P2, we maximize the impact of our power to change in our four areas of expertise: Food, Mobility, Urban Life, Land and Water.

Don't just point to a better future. Commit to getting there.

People at P2 are optimists. Not ‘if’, but ‘how’ and ‘when’. Even in our  articles of association. So not just words, but commitment and accountability. Certified as B Corp, P2 is unique in its business. We manage programs, processes and projects that contribute to a better future. For our clients, with our clients. Of course, we constantly work to improve the sustainability of our own operations, as our CSR report shows.